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Under Development

This is a list of TerreSculptor features that are currently under development.
Watch the developer blog for in-depth information, images, and discussions on these features as they are released.

  • New Frequency Separator modifier (separate the heightmap into low, medium, high frequency data)
  • New Crater modifier
  • New Terrace modifier
  • New Flowmap Erosion modifier
  • New Raindrop Erosion modifier
  • New Velocity Erosion modifier
  • Convolution Filter modifier presets load/save
  • Size modifier preview completion
  • Smooth modifier deep-multi-threading
  • Save frame sequence (relevant for specific features eg. Erosion time)
  • Split the Weightmap Generator into its individual Extractors
  • New Concavity Extractor
  • New Convexity Extractor
  • New Flowmap Extractor
  • Noisemap Generators presets load/save
  • Gradient Noise Detail Levels parameters
  • Editor camera bookmarks
  • Editor .tsw native file format open and save for maintaining terrain projects
  • Editor Redo
  • Editor Terrain Region Selection tool
  • Editor Terrain Stack
  • Heightmap Converter viewport completion
  • Mask Editor (drawing, editing, compositing)


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