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UDK Notes

This page contains general notes regarding using TerreSculptor with Epic's Unreal Engine 3 UDK.

Example Landscape Maps

These wiki pages include downloads for example UDK maps with landscape heightmaps created in TerreSculptor.

Importing Heightmaps into Landscape

  • Be sure to export from TerreSculptor as RAW16 PC Unsigned 16-bit format, and import into the Landscape editor dialog also as PC Unsigned.
  • Do not use Signed format with UDK. The Signed format option in Epic's UDK appears to be broken and will result in a spiked terrain mess. Note that this is being tested on the latest UDK release.
  • During the heightmap development stage, the heightmap files should be saved to a format such as Binary Terrain .bt instead of RAW. RAW files do not contain any information within the file as to what its format and specifications are, so it is easy to incorrectly attempt to load a RAW file using the wrong properties and end up with a mess instead of a heightmap.

TerreSculptor to UDK

The following UDN pages which relate mainly to terrain were authored by David Green of LCS.
Note that some pages may contain changes and updates by Epic Games staff.

Material Basics
Material Masks

Terrain Design
Terrain Heightmaps
Terrain Alphamaps
Terrain Advanced Textures
Terrains From DEMs

Texture Support And Settings


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