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Welcome to the Wiki

This is the official wiki site containing information on the TerreSculptor* heightmap editor software.

TerreSculptor is the 2D/3D Heightmap Terrain editor and convertor software under development by LCS.

Everyone is welcome to read any of the wiki information with no registration required.

Getting Started

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Wiki Updates

  • 2015.12.23: multiple page updates.
  • 2013.12.18: Multi-Threading page added.
  • 2013.10.17: start page and Build Notes updated for build
  • 2013.06.08: start page and Build Notes updated for build


The current TerreSculptor build available for download on the HMES Alpha web page is:

build: dated: 2015-12-22 December 22 2015

* TerreSculptor, HMES, HMCS, are © and ™ of Li'l Chips Systems


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