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TerreSculptor Software Licensing

Standard Edition Licensing

TerreSculptor “Standard Edition” is the no cost (free) version that is for academic, commercial, non-commercial, and student use.

Profession Edition Licensing

TerreSculptor “Professional Edition” is licensed on a “per seat” or “per user” basis, and can be used in both commercial and non-commercial ventures, see the notes below. It is available in academic, corporate, personal, and student use licenses. Academic and student licenses are non-commercial only.

  • The purchase price paid for a software license grants the purchaser a limited use only of the software according to the rights outlined here.
  • The software executable, source code and algorithms, copy rights and intellectual property rights are never sold and are owned by the respective rights holder (David R. Green, Demenzun Media Inc.).
  • A per seat basis example: a corporation with multiple computers where employees work in shifts and share computers between shifts, a software license must be purchased for each computer seat where the software will be used, multiple employees on multiple computers can not use the same single software license at the same time.
  • A per user basis example: an individual who purchases a software license may install the software onto one or more computers that they personally own, such as their personal desktop and laptop computer. The licensee may use the software on their multiple computers at the same time only if they are the only person using the software. The licensee may not allow additional parties to use the software on one of their computers while they use it on another, in simpler words: if you own multiple computers, you may not install the software onto your multiple computers and let your friends come over and use the software on one of your computers while you use it on another. The licensee may not install their licensed software onto computers that are owned by other people in order to allow use of the software by those other people, in simpler words: you can install the software onto your home computer in order for you to use it, and other household members may also use the software on that same computer at other times, but you cannot install the software onto all of your friend's computers so that they may use it too.
  • Software licenses cannot be refunded since the software registration key cannot be revoked or withdrawn.
  • Software licenses cannot be transferred to other parties without first obtaining a transfer information request form from Demenzun Media Inc. The full version license and all upgrade version purchases on the full version license must be transferred to the new party. Full version licenses that have been upgraded cannot be sold independently, the upgrade version license price is discounted because the licensee holds the original full license. In simpler words: you cannot sell your full version 1.0 of the software after you purchase the version 2.0 upgrade and keep the version 2.0 upgrade for yourself, the upgrade license is an extension of the original full license. If you sell the full version 1.0, you must also give up any and all upgrade versions to the person whom you are transferring the software license to.
  • Sharing your registration key with other parties in order that they may use the software without purchasing a software license may cause your registration key to be cancelled due to a breech of the software license agreement. If a registration key is cancelled, the registration key purchaser is no longer licensed to use their copy of the software, and the license cannot be used for purchases of future upgrade versions. In simpler words: if you share your registration key with your friends so that they may use the software without paying for it, and we find out, your license is cancelled because you broke the law, and you are now no longer licensed to use the software and you can no longer purchase upgrade versions with that license, you will have to purchase a new full license in order to continue using the software.
  • Obtaining the software and a registration key from sources such as torrents or download sites and using the software without purchasing a software license does not grant the party a valid license for use. This is software piracy and is illegal. Software development, publishing, technical support, community and support sites, employee wages, and business fees costs hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, if many people pirate the software then the company lacks the income to continue future software development and support.
  • The academic license is for use within educational institutions and school classrooms. One license per physical classroom is required. In other words, if you have two class computer labs in separate physical rooms that are using the software, each room requires a separate academic license. The license does not cover multiple rooms on a campus. The academic license cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • The student license is for use by students currently attending a school, college or university. The student does not have to be enrolled in any relevant course to be able to purchase the student license. The student license cannot be used for commercial purposes.


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