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Future Features

This is a partial list of only a few of the more than 1000 major features planned for future versions of TerreSculptor. The current development roadmap will take more than 5 years of software versions to implement every new feature.

  • 3D Editor object picking and editing.
  • 3D Editor objects for terrain deformation including spline-based roads and rivers.
  • 3D Editor tools for measuring distance, area, etc.
  • Terrain painting (multiple brush shapes, raise, lower, flatten).
  • Terrain Create from Layout mode.
  • 16-bit Heightmap and 32-bit Floatmap terrains.
  • Heightmap-based and Mesh-based terrains.
  • TerreNetwork: Create complex floatmaps, heightmaps, and masks using a graphical network node editor.
  • Batch Editor: A full-featured batch script editor.
  • Mask Editor: A full-featured 8-bit grayscale mask and weightmap editor.
  • Mesh Converter: A full-featured importer for opening and converting complex meshes into heightmaps.
  • File Inspector: For reading supported file type properties to verify or determine format.
  • Stitch import and Split export large terrains into smaller tiles.
  • Command-line options for opening, converting, and editing files.
  • 3DConnexion 3D mouse support and Graphics Tablet support.
  • More 3D Editor primitives and shapes.
  • Many more Modifiers including more Erosion devices.
  • Many more file import and export formats.
  • More multi-threading on slow operations.
  • Too many items to list them all here.


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