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TerreSculptor Editions

TerreSculptor is available in a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition.

The Standard Edition is free for any use. See the Licensing page.
The Professional Edition is licensed per seat or per user and can be used for non-commercial and commercial projects.

See the Features page for a full listing of the Professional Edition features.
The Standard Edition has the following feature changes from the Professional Edition features listing.

Standard Edition Professional Edition
No cost to license Retail license
Any use Commercial and non-commercial use
256k*256k*256k Editor world size 1M*1M*1M Editor world size (4* UDK world size)
2*2 to 512*512 Editor terrain 2*2 to 4096*4096 Editor terrain
No Editor Designer plane Editor Designer plane
1 Editor Backdrop type (cube color) 5 Editor Backdrop types (cube color, cube gradient, cube textured, skydome, skyplane)
1 Editor Water plane type (color) 2 Editor Water plane types (color, textured)
No Editor Planner features Editor Planner markers, primitives, shapes
No Heightmap Converter Heightmap Converter
No Mask Editor Mask Editor
Minimal Transform tools Additional Transform tools
No Mask Composite function 17 Mask Composite functions
Import and Export: bmp, G16 bmp, r16, tif Import and Export more than 40 file formats
Texture formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png Texture formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png, tga, tif
Mask formats: bmp, G16 bmp, png, raw Mask formats: bmp, G16 bmp, gif, png, raw, tga, tif
No frame sequence or movie creation Frame sequence and movie creation


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