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About LCS and TerreSculptor

LCS, located in western Canada, is the computer hardware/software company owned by David R. Green.

David R. Green studied for his B.E.E. with a GPA of 4.0; worked in the electronics and design industry for almost two decades from the mid-70's to mid-90's before moving into video game development; is an IT professional; a software developer with experience on more than a dozen programming languages on multiple processors and platforms; a published author in multiple magazines and books; a composer with numerous soundtracks to his credit; and a video game developer with experience in 3D modeling, art, level design, programming and engine consulting.
In the 1980's and 1990's LCS developed a range of micro-electronic devices, embedded device operating systems, remote data acquisition software, and much more. This work in micro-electronic devices is where the company name was derived.

I have always been interested in geology and geomorphology, and creating worlds with 3D engine terrain systems has been an obsession of mine.
The concept of HMES (HeightMap Editor Software), which would later become TerreSculptor, started after the release of the free heightmap conversion software for UE2 and UE3 called HMCS (HeightMap Convertor Software).
While working as a level designer creating both community and professional content, I used the tools that were available on the market for heightmap creation and editing, but none of them had the features that I required to properly and easily work with heightmaps and terrains for video game development. The constant flipping between the existing minimal interface heightmap software, paint software, HMCS, and the video game editor was a large waste of time and productivity.

Design and development started on TerreSculptor in early 2008, which included selection of the platform, programming language, 3D API, and initial software feature list.
TerreSculptor has undergone three major design changes since then as it evolved during alpha testing, all of which required large rewrites to the code base.
The current pre-beta version of TerreSculptor has been in development for more than five years of many long hours writing the approximately 500,000 lines to-date of code.

The design of TerreSculptor is a combination of 2D and 3D creation and editing tools with a few features similar to a mix of 3DS Max and Photoshop.
Workflow and usability are key elements in its design. It is being written by a level designer for level designers and game developers.
Originally TerreSculptor was only going to be sold to video game development companies, but it was decided that it would be released to the full public as both a free Standard Edition and a retail Professional Edition.

The first version of TerreSculptor will have a large number of features compared to other heightmap software currently available, but it should start to really shine by the third version, since there are more than 1000 individual major future features planned that will make it very powerful for terrain development. TerreSculptor could use another two years in development before release to get it to the level of features that I would personally want as a level designer, but there are enough people requesting the software now that the first version is being released this year.

A new media company is being formed for the retail sale of TerreSculptor and other future software and video game titles.


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