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Build Notes

Build notes for TerreSculptor Pro Alpha builds.

2012 Builds
2011 Builds

Build 2013-10-17

Expiration Date


Application Form Screen Scaling Support


Binary file Load/Save

Error Manager

Expiration Date


Event Log

File Access

File Backup send to recycle bin

File Import

File Import and Export

File Export

File Formats

File Format Header File Viewer

File Format 3DS

File Format ASE

File Format BIL

File Format BT

File Format DEM VistaPro4

File Format FLT

File Format GIF

File Format HGT

File Format OBJ

File Format PNG

File Format PNM

File Format R64

File Format RAW

File Format SB

File Format STL

File Format TER

File Format TGA

File Format TXT

File IO classes

Image Load and Save

Options dialog

Settings (ini file)

System Information

Terrain Renderer

Build 2013-06-08

Expiration Date

Environment Changes

Bug Fixes and Code Fixes

New features

General changes

About form

Options form

Editor form

Editor form Function Tab area

Error Messages


Heightmap Converter form

Altitude Modifier

Bias/Gain/Level Modifier

Fill Region Modifier

Flatten Edges Modifier

New Gaussian Blur Modifier

Offset Modifier

Pixelate Modifier

New Planetize Modifier

RotateCustom Modifier

Smooth Modifier

New Tileable Modifier

VoidFill Modifier

Software Update

Statistics form

System Information