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Dark UI Controls Part 3

The dark user interface color theme is using a single unified set of color properties.
This will allow for a future option of specifying the degree of darkness to the interface.

For the entire application, all graphics and icon resources have to be recreated to properly support the dark color theme.
This typically entails creating a light colored icon image with a dark border, so that it can be easily viewed against the dark background color or the selection highlight color.
The screenshots of the menu dropdowns depict the new icon look.

The Menu control



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Dark UI Controls Part 2

All of the dark user interface control designs are using a minimalistic approach with mostly solid colors and few gradients or shadows.
This minimal design style also improves the dialog painting time and interface response.

The TextBox control


The GroupBox control


The ScrollBar Control



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Dark UI Controls Part 1

Designing a new WPF-based user interface is a significant amount of work.
New code has to be written that specifies all of the control elements and their properties, the user interface color palette and control painting, and management code for each the control's visual states and state triggers.
For just the basic Windows user interface controls this is thousands of lines of code and typically a few months of work for a single programmer.
Some of the individual control designs were iterated multiple times.

The next few blog posts will be a multi-part showing of the dark user interface controls and their visual states, for the upcoming version of TerreSculptor.
I chose to do this multi-part so that the blog posts wouldn't be scrolling on for many pages.

The Button control


The Checkbox control


The RadioButton control


The Label control



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Dark Theme 2014-07-25

For those readers who may have missed the news, and for those who are new to this blog, the following changes are coming to the next alpha build release of TerreSculptor:

- from VS2008 to VS2013
- from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.5
- from WinForms to WPF
- from standard theme to dark theme

The change to WPF and the dark theme will also include various changes to the user interface and proper support for any screen scaling.
This will also include changes to many of the dialogs so that the software can be used on smaller displays such as netbooks (minimum supported resolution will most likely be lowered to 1200x600).

The changes being performed are requiring a substantial amount of time to complete, so accordingly, the next alpha release will be late this year.

Since the current available alpha build expires in October, a re-issue of that same build will be released soon with an extended expiry date.

I will be posting screenshots over the next few months of the updated application window and dialogs showing the change over to the dark theme under WPF.
The images shown here are the updated About and Welcome dialogs.


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Under Development 2014-06-27

This is what I have been currently working on in TerreSculptor:

- The temporary Extractors dialog is being replaced by the set of individual Extractor type dialogs and a new Composite Extractor dialog that is more intuitive.
Each Extractor type will still be available in Immediate Mode through the toolbar menu, and each Extractor type can be individually added to the Terrain Stack for automatic mask extraction during a Terrain Build.
Two additional Extractor algorithms are being tested which will add additional extraction types to the list.

- Numerous classes are receiving additional re-organization in order to allow for better future management and extension of code and features.
Some classes are being organized into sub-Namespaces for improved code organization.
This can be time consuming as in some cases it can take a few weeks to refactor a single set of related classes.

- Code and dialogs are being verified that they are correctly supporting multi-language globalization, color theming, and screen size and font variations.
It is planned to eventually have TerreSculptor available in at least English, French, German, and Spanish.

The main features of TerreSculptor that I am working on getting completed over the next few months are the Extractors, the Terrain Stack, and full project file load and save.


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