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Alpha 2015

The next upcoming alpha build is on track for an August or September release.
I am putting as much time as possible into the development.
The next build will see a number of major changes.

Floating-point workflow and pipeline:
All data is now managed internally as floating-point.
This change was implemented now as it will be more difficult to change in the future.
The tradeoff is twice the memory requirement for significantly more accuracy.
A number of functions were already internally floating-point so the amount of work was relatively straight-forward.
The current 0 to 65535 data range as seen on many dialogs is now 0.0 to 100.0 with a user-defined number of decimal places.

File Open and Save:
The TerreSculptor project file format has been a large amount of work, both in design and programming.
The goal was to do this right the first time, and to develop a project file format that doesn't become obsolete with each new version release.
Some of the project file format features include: per-block and per-project-file CRC, per-block and per-project-file compression, tagged format that supports block merge from a project file to the current project, and corrupt or damaged project file repair.

User-interface changes:
These changes include better main window layout, support for smaller monitor resolutions on all dialogs, and the individual Extractor device dialogs.

Almost at beta:
The remaining features that will be implemented prior to the first beta release will be: the Terrain Stack, the Multi-Noise Generator, the Multi-Extractor, and file split and file merge.

Final words:
As mentioned in other previous posts, when TerreSculptor goes retail, the funds received will be put towards hiring an additional programmer to get the future features out to you in a shorter time frame.
For those readers who like a bit of behind-the-scenes development information, TerreSculptor is now more than 510,000 lines of source code with approximately 12% comment lines.


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