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Un-Distorted VMs

I recently upgraded my general purpose internet computer to new hardware and Windows 8.
Along with the upgrade in hardware and operating system came a change to the Virtual Machine software.

Windows 8 Full no longer supports Microsoft Virtual PC, and while Windows 8 Professional supports Microsoft Hyper-V, it is an RDP interface into the VM.

So I made the switch to VMware.

Installation and Issues

I installed VMware Player 5 onto my Windows 8 Full host operating system, and created the Windows XP Professional guest operating system virtual machines.
The first and only issue that I noticed is that the audio in the Windows XP guest OS is distorted.

A few quick search results on the Internet show that many users are experiencing this same issue.
A bit of troubleshooting led me to writing a software tool fix that should work for most people.

The Fix

If running Windows XP Media Player in the guest OS fixes the distorted audio issue, then the VMAudioFixTray tool should work as well.
You can find more information on VMAudioFixTray on its software page on the lilchips website.

VMAudioFixTray is a very lightweight tray notification icon that simply makes a change to the Windows XP timer event resolution.





Windows 8

I recently built a new Windows 8 system for general office/email/virtual machine use, and to test the development of TerreSculptor on the newest version of the Windows desktop operating system.
I did not expect any issues with TerreSculptor on Windows 8, and there were none, since the overall functionality of Windows 8 is still similar to Windows 7.

That said, Windows 8 has so far been a love-hate relationship, there are as many good new features as there are bad new features.

One of the things that I do miss when compared to earlier operating systems like Windows XP, is the overlay icons in Windows Explorer for shared folders.
Even the newer Microsoft Windows Server OS's no longer show overlays for shares.  I won't comment on Microsoft's reasoning for this.

Replies on Microsoft forums from MSFT's and MSVP's is to look at the Windows Explorer statusbar "State" indicator when selecting folders, but this requires that you click on each folder to see what its state is, and the State indicator also shows "Shared" for every folder under a shared parent folder so there is no way to determine from the State whether a specific folder is shared itself or whether its parent is the one that is shared.

Windows 8 shares state

Or they tell you to click-click all the way to Computer Management -> Shares to see the list of shared folders, which again has no direct visual bearing on what you see in Windows Explorer.

My personal method for dealing with this is to simply change the icon for every folder that I share. Right-click on the folder, choose Properties, Customize tab, Change Icon, then scroll across to the user share icon.  This is not the best fix, but at least is usable.

Windows 8 folder icon customize


I am running behind on the release of the next build of TerreSculptor due to a number of delays.  The next build will be available soon.


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Welcome to the Developer Blog for the TerreSculptor software.

It is a new year, a new internet site host, new hosting apps, and a new blog.
The contents of many of the old blog posts will be moved into either the Wiki or the Forums in the areas of example maps, future features, and tutorials.
The Wiki and Forums will be online shortly, along with some web site content updates.

Here is what is currently under development in TerreSculptor:
- Filter Convolution Device Multi-threading and Preset load & save
- Smooth Device Multi-threading
- new Terrace Device
- new Crater Device
- separating the weightmap generator into its individual mask generator devices



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