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Mar 2016

The TerreSculptor HMES Alpha build for March 21 2016 was released today.
It is available on the HMES Alpha page on the LCS website.
This alpha build is functional until August 1 2016.

This update includes a number of changes and item completions.
Notably, the user interface Windows Theme and Dark Theme is completed for now, and a redesign of the right-side function tabs has them replaced by a vertical strip of buttons.
A future version (most likely a v1.1 or similar) will include a full dark theme with inverted colors (ie. white text on a dark background).

This alpha update also includes a number of core fixes and functionality fixes.

The main features currently being developed for the next update include: individual camera user interface control sets for each camera mode; additional areas saved to the project file, most likely Camera, Backdrop, Fog, Water, and others.


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