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Jan 2016

The latest alpha build was made available just before the end of Dec 2015.
The Dec build was many months in development due to the massive number of core application changes.
Starting this January, build updates will again be released on a more frequent basis, typically every 3 to 6 weeks.
The software should be reaching beta state within the first quarter of this year.

The next build update that is to be released in a few weeks will have numerous updates to the Extractor dialogs, the Project Open and Save should be fully functional, numerous core methods have been multi-threaded, plus more bug fixes.

The Project Open and Save functions are going to support the ability to open or save various sub-systems of a TerreSculptor world.
This includes the immediate mode Noise Generators, the Modifiers, the Extractors, the Scene settings, the Terrain, and the Terrain Stack.
This feature will essentially allow merging any of these sub-systems with an existing project.


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