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It’s a New Year

It seems that when software exceeds half-a-million lines of code, just as much time is spent on maintaining the code, as the time spent on completing or adding features.

During the past six months I have been reworking a large amount of the code for a few reasons.

1. One main goal is to fork the application into two builds with minimal difference.
One build supporting vanilla dotNET so that it will function well cross-platform, and the other build tied to Windows supporting a dark WPF user interface.

2. As the additional planned features are being developed, often they can make use of some of the existing code-base.
That is assuming that the portions of reusable code (methods or classes) were originally designed with sufficient abstraction that they can be easily or instantly reused.
This has required a complete reworking of a good number of namespaces within the application.
A good portion of the reworking of the code has been completed.

3. During the development of the application, the platform operating system, dotNET, and system hardware have iterated.
In order to keep up with this to some degree, the application must evolve even during development.
TerreSculptor has been upgraded from Microsoft dotNET 3.5 to dotNET 4.5, and the core OpenGL support has been upgraded from 1.5 to 2.1.

A new build release is still a few months away.
Some of the features that will hopefully make it into the next build include:
- Full support for Windows Display Size changes (smaller to larger percent).
- Portions of the main user-interface are being moved around or changed to simplify application use.
- Support for smaller dialog preview window so that the application can be ran on laptops with 1366x768 resolution.
- Open and Save TerreSculptor files.
- The initial Terrain Stack.


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