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Dark Theme 2014-07-25

For those readers who may have missed the news, and for those who are new to this blog, the following changes are coming to the next alpha build release of TerreSculptor:

- from VS2008 to VS2013
- from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.5
- from WinForms to WPF
- from standard theme to dark theme

The change to WPF and the dark theme will also include various changes to the user interface and proper support for any screen scaling.
This will also include changes to many of the dialogs so that the software can be used on smaller displays such as netbooks (minimum supported resolution will most likely be lowered to 1200x600).

The changes being performed are requiring a substantial amount of time to complete, so accordingly, the next alpha release will be late this year.

Since the current available alpha build expires in October, a re-issue of that same build will be released soon with an extended expiry date.

I will be posting screenshots over the next few months of the updated application window and dialogs showing the change over to the dark theme under WPF.
The images shown here are the updated About and Welcome dialogs.


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