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Random Bits 2014-05-02

I recently purchased two new video adapters for two of the office workstations.
An AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB GDDR5 in the form of an ASUS DirectCU II OC, installed into one of the i7-2600K Win7 workstations, sale priced at $215 CDN.
And an AMD FirePro W5000 GCN 2GB GDDR5 30-bit pipeline Workstation Graphics card, installed into the AMD Opteron 16-core Win8.1Ult workstation, priced at $540 CDN.
Here are the TerreSculptor benchmark results just for fun:

Radeon R9 270 OC

Lines:          326.50 fps     6.53 M lines
Immediate:       61.80 fps    12.81 M tri's
DisplayList:  1,718.90 fps   356.43 M tri's
VertexArray:    403.50 fps    83.67 M tri's
VertexBuffer: 1,998.70 fps   414.45 M tri's
Score Total: 902

FirePro W5000

Lines:        264.30 fps     5.29 M lines
Immediate:     34.90 fps     7.24 M tri's
DisplayList:  779.70 fps   161.68 M tri's
VertexArray:  214.80 fps    44.54 M tri's
VertexBuffer: 785.20 fps   162.82 M tri's
Score Total: 416


The FirePro has a less than stellar price to performance when used for basic 3D geometry and rendering.
Future TerreSculptor plans include possible leveraging of OpenCL, it will be interesting to see how the various cards compare on that API.

April was a busy month as it is also company accounting and tax time.

The TerreSculptor software development is continuing at a regular pace.
There are various changes to the user interface in addition to the dark color theme.
I have been working on updated scene navigation controls, and the ability to choose a 1:1 heightmap chunk for modifier preview.
I will be posting updated interface screenshots on this blog soon.
The next update build release is still a ways away.


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