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Development 2014-01-18

A few notes on what is currently under development for TerreSculptor.

Dark Theme

The conversion to a dark color theme user interface is underway and going well.
It is actually taking less time to convert than originally estimated.

Included with the dark theme change will be some required rearranging of a few user interface items, and some updated user interface controls.
The interface change will also require higher computer system specs, such as a Shader Model 2.0 but preferably Shader Model 3.0 video card.

I will post some initial screenshots of TerreSculptor in its dark color theme soon, plus additional blog posts during the conversion process.


In addition to the dark theme change, TerreSculptor will be updated from dotNET 3.5 to dotNET 4.5.
The main features that the update to dotNET 4.5 will bring are some additional multi-threading capabilities and arrays larger than 2GB.

Mask Editor

The design and layout of the Mask Editor is almost complete.
The Mask Editor is a full-featured Mask, Weightmap, and Splatmap creator and editor, and will also eventually include a full set of grayscale painting and touchup tools.

A weightmap is a special type of mask used in specific terrain texture shaders, and the Mask Editor will take care of all of the fiddly technical bits to make them easier to create and save.
Weightmaps are used by many engines including UDK for its Landscape actor.
Splatmaps are essentially 4 weightmaps packaged into the ARGB planes of a single 32-bit image file, and are used by many engines including Unity.

The current Extractors dialog was only a temporary test dialog and will be replaced by the Mask Editor.
The next steps for the Mask Editor are to draft up the dialog's functionality list and flowchart, and then commence with writing all of the required code classes.
I will post a screenshot of the Mask Editor soon, using a few simulated design elements, in order to provide an early preview look at it.


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