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2014: The Roadmap from Here

I receive many emails asking if and when certain features will be available in TerreSculptor.

The concept behind TerreSculptor is to create the ultimate heightmap and terrain creation and editing software.
A blend of the relevant parts of Autodesk Max, Pixologic Z-Brush, Adobe PhotoShop, with GIS and other features mixed in.
The creation and editing of heightmaps and digital elevation models and terrain meshes.
Plus the creation and editing of masks and splatmaps.
Plus part 3D game engine to include backdrops, water, and the ability to walk on or drive over the terrain.

Full 3D painting and sculpting with multiple brushes, and full 3D spline and object modifiers.
Immediate Mode editing like PhotoShop: ie. load a file, make a change, save the file.
A Max-like Terrain Stack for 2D and 3D modifiers: ie. add 3D splines such as rivers and roads.
The TerreNetwork: a comprehensive graphical node network of all available devices.

Often I can sense the impatience behind the questions, which I completely understand, I too would like to have everything fully functional.

To place the software development time into perspective, some readers may be familiar with Substance Designer from Allegorithmic .
To quote Sebastien Deguy who started the company:

"At the time I thought it would take two guys and a year or two,” says Deguy. “It took more than 20 people and about ten years."

The vision for TerreSculptor is equal or greater, a blending of features from Max, Z-Brush, PhotoShop, GIS, and more.
I am but one programmer working more than full-time on this, one person doing all of the work.  Substance Designer required more than 200 man-years.

It has been difficult to even get 'beta testers' who are willing to test the software for no pay.
My end game is to hire a second programmer using all of the funds received from the sale of the first version when it becomes available.
Until then, please be patient if the feature you are looking for has not been completed yet, this type of software literally takes many years to develop.

Some of the outstanding major features still to be completed include:
- loading and saving of the full project file
- terrain painting
- terrain stack
- terrenetwork
- mask and splatmap editor


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