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Build 2013-12-25

The TerreSculptor build for Dec 25 2013 is available for download.

This is a highlight of some of the changes and new features.


Noisemap Generators

The Noisemap Generator dialogs have undergone some minor layout changes which includes moving the Toolbar and Presets controls out of the Generator group and into the top-level Noise Parameters group.
The dialog functions for Copy, Paste, Reset, and Default, are moved to the Toolbar, along with some newly added functions.

The Toolbar buttons from left to right are:

- Randomize the noisemap parameters.  Note that this function randomizes the parameters through their full range, so it is possible to get full 0% or 100% flat noisemaps.
- Hold the current noisemap parameters in the Hold buffer.
- Swap the current noisemap parameters with the contents in the Hold buffer.
- Open a Noisemap parameters file.
- Save the Noisemap parameters to a file.
- Copy the Noisemap parameters to the Windows clipboard.
- Paste the Windows clipboard to the Noisemap parameters.
- Reset the Noisemap parameters to the values prior to opening the dialog.
- Set the Noisemap parameters to their default values.

The Noisemap Generators are now fully multi-threaded as covered in the previous blog posts, with the exception of Random which is still being updated.

The Tools menu, Options item, System tab, Scaling settings will show the total system logical processors available for multi-threading.

In most cases the Threads value should be left at Auto, which will use the total number of logical processors in the system.
However, in cases where there may be other CPU intensive applications running at the same time, it may be benefitial to their performance if the TerreSculptor Threads value was set to 1 or 2 less than the total logical processors available, in order to allow some CPU threads for the other applications.

The Threads count drop-down list for a 16-core computer system:

The Build Processing dialog will show the current number of logical processors in use when building Noisemaps.
The ability to Cancel the build will be functional soon.



The Dimensions Sets management for the entire application has been refactored.
This currently affects the New dialog.  The Resample dialog will also be updated to utilize these changes.

The Tools menu, Options item, Preferences tab, Dimensions settings allow for customizing which dimensions sets are displayed on the New dialog's Size drop-down list.
These settings only affect the Size drop-down list, they do not affect the Width and Length spin numeric controls.

The Range drop-down lists allow you to specify the minimum and maximum heightmap range that is shown.
For example, if you are working on projects that only use a range of dimensions from 1024 through 4096.

Enabling one or more of the dimensions sets will include them in the New dialog's Size drop-down list.
For example, if you are working on projects for CE3 you might choose to enable only the CryEngine checkbox.

These options include:

- Power-of-Two (2^n) eg. 32, 64, 128, 256, etc.
- Power-of-Two's Include Intermediate will add 48, 96, 192, etc.
- Power-of-Two Plus 1 (2^n +1) eg. 33, 65, 129, 257
- Power-of-Two Plus 1's Include Intermediate will add 49, 97, 193, etc.
- CryEngine 3
- UDK Landscape, enabling this will also show the UDK button on the New dialog.


Project Open and Save

The Project Open and Save functions are now partially functional.
As of this build, only the Project File Properties and Lights are currently saved to the file.
I will post updates to the blog or create a page on the wiki to track which application objects and sections are saved and opened to the project file over the next few builds while this functionality is being completed.

The Project Open and Save functions will include an option dialog that allows selection of the various application objects and sections that are to be saved or opened.
For example, Cameras, Lights, Grids, Backdrop, Fog, Water, Heightmap, Layout sections, Terrain sections, etc.
This will allow for saving custom template files, or merging selected objects and sections from an existing file with the current project, etc.


A note to anyone attempting to register on the forums.
I had to temporarily disable registration due to someone (possibly in Russia) performing continual hacking on the forums.
Personally, I find it sad when sites such as mine provide free information, services, and software, and some hackers just have to try to take it down.



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