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Under Development 2013-10

I am currently finalizing the development of the TerreSculptor proprietary file format, which is used for loading and saving the main application "World" files, the Noisemap Generator preset files, and additional current and future application-specific files.

The initial application file open and save, and Noisemap preset open and save, will be in the next build update that will be available within the next few weeks.  During the Alpha and Beta phases of development, the file formats will be backwards compatible for any bug changes or errors, but may require re-saving of data files at the Release Candidate in order to be fully compatible with the final release version.

A lot of time and attention has been devoted to the design and layout of the proprietary file format, which unfortunately is rarely done by many other software companies.  One of the main goals for the proprietary file format is full lifetime backwards compatibility through all software versions.  Additional features include: 64-bit file length support; block-based design; per-block features including compression, blobs, embedded files; CRC integration; file repair and recovery capable format.


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