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Build 290

Build 290 for October 17 2013 is available for download on the website.

See the Build.txt file included in the download or the build information on the Wiki for the complete list of changes and updates.

- The 3D Editor's maximum supported heightmap resolution has been increased from 4096x4096 to 65536x65536.

To put this into perspective, a terrain of 65536x65536 with 256 spacing and 1:2cm scale would result in a size of 335.5km x 335.5km = 112590 square km.

Results will vary on the actual maximum size that can be created or loaded based on current system memory fragmentation.
The current limit of the application runtime is a single contiguous memory block of up to 2GB which is the array maximum size in the Microsoft CLR.
In the future I will be investigating large array management code that will allow for heightmaps that are significantly larger and can be created even with minor memory fragmentation.

Since the 3D Editor now manages large heightmap sizes, the Heightmap Converter tool will be changed to a file format converter that supports unlimited heightmap size and most of the Modifier tools will be removed from it.

- The file import and export code has been dramatically improved. Loading and saving files will be faster and with better error management and event logging.

- The file import and export data type conversion of Real, Scaled, or Auto is now fully functional. I will document this setting on the wiki for each file type.

- There are a number of new file formats supported.
PNM (.pnm) numerous improvements and additional formats
SB (.sb) raw signed byte format
R64 (.r64) raw 64-bit format RAW (.raw) raw signed byte format
TGA (.tga) Version 2 format Extension Area block management


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