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WIP Import Export

The next TerreSculptor build update should be available some time in July.

I am currently working on improving the area of common file format import and export for the file types of BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF.
Among the improvements will be support for more sub-formats including BMP and TIF compression, additional JPG sub-formats, the handling of larger image files, plus additional pixel formats where applicable including those such as 16-bit grayscale, 48-bit RGB (16bpp), 64-bit ARGB (16bpp), 32-bit grayscale float, 96-bit RGB float (32bpp), 128-bit ARGB float (32bpp), etc.

As with all things in TerreSculptor, development of these features will take some time and testing, as I do not use any third party libraries or dlls, and write all of the source code for every class and feature myself.
There are a small number of graphic file format libraries available, but they all have at least one of these limitations: it is covered under a GPL/GNU/other restrictive license; it is covered under a currently no-fee commercial license with the disclaimer for option to change the license (search the Unisys LZW patent that affected the use of GIF for what is likely to happen in these cases); or it carries a high license fee for commercial use which would require that the retail version of the TerreSculptor software be higher and pass this cost onto everyone who purchases a licensed copy.

After these file format improvements and the corresponding build release, the next feature to be improved will be the Noisemap Generators' deep multi-threading, and Noisemap dialog user presets save/load.


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