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The latest TerreSculptor build for 2013-06-08 is now available for download online.

This build release has a long list of completed features, bug fixes, and a few new features.
See the build notes on the wiki for the complete list.

There has been some re-arranging of the application function tabs, including changing the tab order, moving the Planner onto the Layout tab, and the renaming of the World tab to the Terrain tab.
The Terrain tab will allow for more control over the terrain's properties, colorsets, layers, and the terrain object stack.

Currently and over the summer I am working on getting all of the partially completed features fully working.

This includes major features such as:
- TerreSculptor .TSW file open and save, so that you can actually save a file of the project you are working on.
- The Terrain tab features and especially the Terrain Stack, which will allow for the creation of substantially more complex terrain systems, and the Terrain Layers, which will allow for creating complex layer masks (aka weightmaps using extractors) that can be visually viewed on the terrain itself.

And some minor features such as:
- Deep multi-threading the noise generators.
- Terrain region selection tools.
- User lights.
- Layout planner meshes and shapes.
- Improvements to the Preview system.
- Full bug fix for proper handling of all terrain sizes, see the 255 sized terrain bug from before.
- etc.

The following Modifiers are still only partially completed: Size, Displace, Offset.
The following features are still under development: additional Erosion Modifier types, Terrace Modifier, additional Extractor/Layer types, additional Noisemap Generator types, and the powerful Multi-Noisemap Generator.

I will try to push out the next few builds with a shorter release cycle.  This latest build was a six month release because it required some significant changes and organization to some of the base code which required many hundreds of hours to complete.

A large number of exciting features are still planned for future builds and future versions:
- 32768 x 32768 size terrains.
- The ability to work with terrains as 16-bit heightmap, 32-bit floatmap, or floating point tesselated mesh.
- Object picking tools.
- Terrain painting tools.
- Spline-based tools such as roads, rivers, overhangs, caves.
- Full terrain layer texturing.
- And much more.


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