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Mar 2013

Some of you may have noticed that it has been about three months since the last TerreSculptor build release.
I have been hard at work on its development, fixing numerous bugs, and refactoring code.


For most of this year the build releases will be more erratic, sometimes every few weeks, sometimes every few months.

As the application has grown in size during its development, it is currently ~1/2 million lines of source code, I find that I have been spending more time maintaining and refactoring the code than getting things done.

So I am spending some time re-organizing the classes and fixing up some of the class and coding standards, in order to make it easier to add the massive list of thousands of new future features that I have planned.

I am also currently working on getting all of the partially-completed sections of the software to their completed state, so that late this year I can move on to the upgrading of the 3D viewport renderer, which I will discuss in more depth in a few months.

These partially-completed sections include some of the file formats, noise generators, mask/weightmap generators, erosion and other modifiers, the World Stack, and the application's file format open/save.


I have decided on a few changes that will be coming soon to the software.

- Builds up to 2012-12 are using .Net 3.0, all builds starting this year will be using .Net 3.5 and eventually .Net 4.

- Windows XP support will be phased out soon as I wish to utilize many of the new OS user interface controls and features available in Windows Vista and 7.

- x86 32-bit support will be phased out soon since the main editor will be updated later this year to support 32768-size heightmaps versus the current 4096-size heightmaps, which require significantly more memory than what a 32-bit process allows, so an x64 application and x64 OS will soon be the only one available.



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