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Gooey Themes

Today I revisited the idea of adding GUI* color themes for the TerreSculptor interface.

I wrote basic theming code in the software during its early development in order to support the default grey color theme that is common to many paint applications.  Recently I have taken another look at adding a dark color theme that follows common 3D applications.  This has required some minor changes to the existing theme code in order to support a few additional GUI object color entries.

TerreSculptor will most likely support at least three color themes: standard Windows Theme, paint application Grey Theme, and 3D application Dark Theme.  The Dark Theme will initially not be available on all dialogs or all dialog controls, as it will take some time to integrate the theming on all dialogs.

A GUI theming poll and discussions is in the forums in the Feature Requests area.

* GUI = Graphical User Interface


The original default paint software Grey Theme:

Grey Theme

The initial test 3D software Dark Theme:

 Dark Theme


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