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WIP 2013-02-14

The Smooth and Gaussian Blur modifiers (single-threading) are completed.


Work is underway on the Threading Helper library that will be used by all of the functions that will be utilizing multi-threading for a performance boost, which includes the Smooth and Gaussian Blur modifiers.
Changes to the application threading includes an increase in the supported total threads from 8 to 16, for those people who have power systems supporting 16 threads.
There is also a change to the way that the threading value override is managed, It is now not possible to choose more threads than the number of threads available in hardware.


The Smooth modifier has been significantly rewritten and expanded.
The kernel Size maximum has been increased from 9x9 to 21x21.
An Edge parameter is now available, with Extend and Wrap settings, so that smoothing works correctly on tilable heightmaps as well.
A new Passes parameter allows performing multiple smaller Size smooths instead of a single large Size smooth, to increase the variety of possible smooths.
Smooth now supports the following 2D kernel smoothing styles:
- Average, the average value of all pixels within the kernel.
- Conservative, the kernel center pixel is clamped to within the outer kernel high and low values.
- Gaussian, a 2D gaussian bell blur.
- Median, the kernel center pixel is adjusted to the statistical median value of the entire kernel.
- Middle, the kernel center pixel is adjusted to the middle value of the entire kernel.
- Radial, a 2D radial gradient cone blur.



Gaussian Blur

The Gaussian Blur modifier is complete.
This modifier performs a 2-pass 1D Gaussian blur, with a variable width window Radius parameter range of 1 to 256 for a 3x3 to 513x513 blur kernel size.
An Edge parameter is available, with Extend and Wrap settings, so that blurring works correctly on tilable heightmaps as well.
Unlike most other Gaussian Blur functions available in other software, there is also a Strength parameter that defines a 0% to 100% blur depth.



Work in Progress

The following items are under development over the next few weeks.
- The Threading Helper library.
- Multi-Threading on the Smooth modifier, Gaussian Blur modifier, and possibly the Noisemap generators.
- The Terraces modifier.
- A new set of Filter modifiers are coming soon.  The original Filter modifier has been renamed to Convolution.


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