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WIP 2013-01-31

The LCS and TerreSculptor website, blog, forums, and wiki are now all operational, more or less, just a few old blog posts remaining to get online on the wiki.


I have found someone willing to help with getting tutorials onto the TerreSculptor YouTube channel, so expect to see some videos rolling out over the next weeks and months.


In the area of TerreSculptor development, I am working on the remaining Modifier Devices that will be available in the first retail version.
As soon as these are complete, the next area to be tackled is the Extractors (mask/weightmaps), followed by some reworking of the 3D render engine including xyz coordinates and mouse picking and the initial selection cube, and then on to finally getting the World Stack fully functional.  Additional tidying up and the first version should be ready for retail sale.

Later this year I should have the initial heightmap mesh painting tools working, along with starting to roll out the large list of 3D geotools including 3D terrain creation and morphing tools, 3D primitive terrain deformation, and 3D spline-based roads and rivers.

Work in Progress

The modifier devices that I am currently working on are Planetize and Tilable.

Planetize modifies the current heightmap with a gaussian or radial displacement to create a rounded planet surface.
This allows for the creation of terrains that have a curved horizon.
Note in the following screenshots that the terrain coloring is altitude-based so the original coloring is not retained even though the displaced features retain their respective differences.



Tilable modifies the horizontal and/or vertical edges of the heightmap to create a seamlessly tilable terrain that can be used as a repeating terrain system or as a tilable texture.
A user-defined overlap width and interpolation methods are available, with additional algorithms becoming available as they are developed.
Note that the screenshot is of the Offset Modifier Device edit dialog in order to see what the heightmap edge seam looks like before and after running the Tilable modifier device.



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