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Moving Day

The blog and forums have been moved from the current domain over to the domain.

The new blog is located at:

The new forums are located at

These are new forums so you will have to re-register.

The TerreSculptor Wiki will be moved over shortly.

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Roadmap 2017

The TerreSculptor roadmap for 2017 is to add the following features.
All of these features are already under development.

  • Additional new modifiers.
  • A more accurate Preview Mode for some of the modifiers such as smooth and erosion.  This new preview mode will use a 1:1 block of the terrain heightmap.
  • A Complex Noise Generator that utilizes four Perlin generators to create significantly more complex heightmaps.
  • A Combiner Extractor that combines multiple extracted weightmap masks.
  • A Colorplane Extractor that creates ARGB multi-extractor splatmap files with one weightmap mask per ARGB colorplane.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates and information on their progress.


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TerreSculptor Store Online

The TerreSculptor Professional Edition software is now available for purchase online at
If you find this software useful, be sure to show your support by purchasing a retail copy.

A massive number of features are planned for future TerreSculptor releases.

The website at Demenzun Media Inc is currently undergoing construction and will be completed soon.


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TerreSculptor Setup and Windows SmartScreen

The TerreSculptor Professional Edition and online store are now live.

The TerreSculptor software setup.exe file may display a Windows SmartScreen filter warning until the software's hashcode is in Microsoft's database.
To bypass the SmartScreen filter warning, and successfully run the setup.exe program to install the software, perform the following steps:

Example SmartScreen warning:

SmartScreen Warning

Launch Windows Control Panel:

Windows Control Panel

Click on the System and Security link:

System and Security

Click on the Action Center link:

Action Center

Click on the Change Windows SmartScreen settings link:


Change the SmartScreen setting to either Warning or Don't Do Anything and choose the OK button:


Also note that if you encounter the SmartScreen warning while downloading files with Internet Explorer, there is also a SmartScreen setting in the Internet Options, Advanced, Security:

Internet Explorer SmartScreen


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Nov 2016

The final release version 1.0 of TerreSculptor Standard Edition will be available online within a few days.
The Standard Edition is the limited-feature free-to-use build of the software.
I am currently completing changes to the new update check code, updating the documentation PDF file, and updating the TerreSculptor web page.

The Professional Edition, which is the full-feature licensed build of the software, should be available within two weeks.
The initial license payment system will be a basic Paypal button cart.

The software sales and store will eventually be moved over to the new Demenzun Media inc. website.

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