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LCS is a software developer currently specializing in game developer tools.
Terrain heightmap development tools targetting Epic's Unreal Engine are available.
LCS also provides UDN documentation and engine consulting services to Licensees.

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Latest news

The TerreSculptor beta download for the date of 2016-07-21 is available.

The TerreSculptor beta download for the date of 2016-07-17 is available.

The TerreSculptor alpha download for the date of 2016-03-21 is available.

A new utility FindLongFiles is available for download as of 2013-06-14.

All of the Roland JV and XP and SR-JV80 files from the original LCS website are now available on the Downloads area Roland page.

Are you a user of VMware Player or Workstation who is experiencing distorted audio when running a Windows XP guest?
VMAudioFixTray might be the tool for you.

Latest blog entry

Stay up to date with the development of the TerreSculptor HMES software.
David's blog will be updated regularly with information and notes regarding the software's design and features.


Latest shot

TerreSculptor new Tilable Modifier test

TerreSculptor new Tilable Modifier test

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